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Monday, 20 March 2017

How to get Afordable Dental Services in Dubai, UAE

There are many dental clinics which are present in Dubai. Legacy is one of them that provide affordable dental services in Dubai.  These clinics provide following affordable services.


The specialized dentist is present in the clinics that provides the proper examination of the tooth and after that suggest the patient about the treatment. In order to examine the mouth cavity, the dentist uses the digital x-ray so that he can able to provide maximum care to the patient. The main services includes

•    Cleaning
•    Polishing
•    Inlays
•    onlays


Endodontic is the specialized doctor who does root canal treatment by applying latest techniques. It is a very painful procedure, only the capable doctor can handle it in the best way. It is the aim of the team to complete the procedure in minimum time so that patient feels less pain.

Cosmetic dentistry

It is the field of dentistry in which the doctor improves the appearance of tooth, gums or bite. The main aim is to make the patient smile confidently. The procedure also involves the tooth whitening and bleaching to remove any discoloration. The laser and other latest technology are used for this purpose.


It is the branch of dentistry that deals with the replacement of artificial teeth. The new tooth is designed and manufactured according to the size, shape and the color of original teeth. Usually, there is need of replacement where the original tooth is lost or cracked due to cavities.


In this category, the doctor team is specialized for the treatment and care of children teeth. Usually, tooth sealent treatment is given to prevent the decay of milky teeth in children. The fluoride treatment is also present to provide maximum protection to the teeth. The dentist in clinics cares for child health and assists in every mean so that the child have best tooth health and guide them about tips to prevent the tooth decay.


The traditional braces are no more common, the aligners are present which are invisible and the patient can wear it anytime. This gives the teeth the desired shape in a short period of time. The result is fast as compared to the older braces. These are affordable and the person can utilize this facility

Oral surgery

The oral surgery includes following treatments but that are all Affordable Dental services at Legacy Dental clinic

•    Extraction of wisdom tooth
•    Grafting both tissue and bone
•    Laser surgery
•    Extraction of the tooth.

As the surgery is the sensitive issue and required proper hygienic environment, the doctors use sterilized equipment for this purpose so that there are no chances of infections especially hepatitis after the treatment. The clinics are well organized and have trained team members who handle all the services in a proper way.


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